From the Desk of the Executive Director


Hope you had a very nice Father's Day with a special someone in your life.

We received news this week that the State has agreed to add a second hearing on the proposal to ban and/or cap PCA's from working overtime. Unfortunately, the state is moving quickly and the second hearing is a week from today. We need to rally! We need to fight this dreadful proposal.

Mobilize everyone you know otherwise our PCA's will be not be able to earn a living wage. Fight as if your life depended on it, because it does. [Read more...]

DPC. About Us. By Us.

Redefining the role of government as it affects the lives of people with disabilities.

It’s our aim to fight the discrimination that blocks the rights of people with disabilities.

What we offer... 

  • Legislative advocacy training 
  • Legislative alert service (email and by phone) 
  • Lobbying leadership 
  • Information on important issues affecting you 
  • Holding public officials accountable for enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act

We're Also Fighting for... 

  • Accessible polling places.
  • The rights of people with lived experiences of psychiatric diagnoses, trauma, and or addictions.
  • Services and support for adults who develop a disability, such as MS, hearing loss, blindness and more. 
  • Sustainable jobs that lead to real careers and economic independence. 
  • Better community based services, so people with disabilities don't have to live in nursing homes. 
  • Training of personal care assistants to be ready to serve in an emergency.