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Redefining the Role of Government as it Affects the Lives of People with Disabilities

Use this page to locate and download published documents. To download a document to your computer use the "Get" link.

DPC Publications are directly below followed by Emergency Preparedness documents from other sources, H1N1 from Toucan, and Legislative Advocacy materials.

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Task Force on Emergency Prep (2008)Bill Allan 6/8/2013683.00 KBGet
 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Applicant Information for The Ride IAPBill Allan 4/13/201331.00 KBGet
Hailing the Future (NU Law)Bill Allan 6/8/20131.31 MBGet
Sample Taxi FaresBill Allan 6/8/20131.77 MBGet
The Ride QuestionnaireBill Allan 4/13/201391.76 KBGet
Disabilities and Disparties:A new View of HealthcareReport on healthcare disparities and disabilitiesdGet
Personal Emergency Plan (Large Print)Personal Emergency Plan (Large Print)Get
Emergency Plainning Kit (English)Documents from the Personal Care Attendant Training project funded by the Department of Public Health 2008Get
The Olmstead InitiativesThe Olmstead Initiatives report is based on three open forums in October 2009 held Holyoke, Worcester and Boston MA. The forums brought together state officials, advocates, service providers, and individuals with disabilities and elders to highlight pracGet
Adult Onset Survey Report A survey by Center for Survey Research at UMass Boston under contract with the Department of Public Health. The 2007 survey looks at the needs of individuals with disabilities such as Multiple Sclerosis & Parkinson's Disease and their care givers.Get
Emergency Planning Kit (Portugues Zip file)Documents from the Personal Care Attendant Training project funded by the Department of Public Health 2008Get
Emergency Planning Kit (Haitian Creole Zip file)Documents from the Personal Care Attendant Training project funded by the Department of Public Health 2008Get
Emergency Planning Kit (Spanish Zip file)Documents from the Personal Care Attendant Training project funded by the Department of Public Health 2008Get
Personal Emergency Plan (Spanish Word)Personal Emergency Plan in Spanish as a Word documentGet
Personal Emergency Preparedness Plan (PDF)Personal Emergency Preparedness Plan (PDF file suitable for commercial printing)Get
Personal Emergency Preparedness Plan (Braille Print File)Personal Emergency Preparedness Plan (Braille Print File)Get
Long Term Supports and Medicaid Information 2009A series of short articles and a glossary on long term supports. 2005, 2009Get
No Wrong DoorA paper on the need for services for people with adult onset disorders. 2006Get
Web Accessibility Review & Evaluation(WARE)Review of Commonwealth of Massachusetts web sitesGet
WARE Executive SummaryReview of Commonwealth of Massachusetts web sitesGet
State House Accessibility Review (SHARE)State House Accessibility Review (SHARE)Get
Personal Emergency Preparedness Plan (Word)Personal Emergency Preparedness Plan (Word)Get
Open Document Statement December 2005Open Document Statement December 2005Get
Glossary of Long Term SupportGlossary of terms used in long term care discussion; revised March 2009Get
Disabilities and Disparities: Executive SummaryDisabilities and Disparities: Executive SummaryGet
Disabilities & DisparitiesMarch 2009 Report showing people with disabilities are among the highest group of people with health care disparities indicators.Get
CT - Emergency Shelter Accessibility Checklist Get
911 Disability Indicator Form911 Disability Indicator Form Telephone RegistryGet
911 Disability Indicator Form Large PrintLarge Print 911 IndicatorGet
Community Survey for Emergency Management DirectorsThis Community survey went out on June 19th to 363 Emergency Management Directors in the State. Please encourage and assist your local Director in filling out the survey and addressing any areas of concern.Get
CT - Universal Access Municipal Guidlines Get
CT - Universal Access Shelter Floor Plan Get
Global Ethical Issues in Pandemic Influenza PlanningWHO Ethical Issues for Pandemic Influenza Planning.Get
Health Care Proxy Large Print Get
Information at a Glance Large Print Get
Israeli High Rise Escape SystemIngenious high rise building escape system using the exterior wrapper as the means of exit. .wmv fileGet
My Health Plan Large Print Get
NCD Emergency Preparedness Report (PDF)Nation Council on Disability report Arpil 2009Get
NCD Emergency Preparedness Report (Text)National Council on Disability report April 2009Get
Preparing for a PandemicInformation drawn from CDC and other sources on how to prepare for a pandemic, what do expect, and what to do if you are sick.Get
ResourcesThis is a list of Resources (links) for Emergency Preparedness.Get
Shelter Best PracticesDraft Best practices document on shelter accessibility.Get
Swine Flu Information (PDF)A Massachusetts Department of Public Health primer on Swine Flue (H1N1).Get
Town of Brookline Personal Preparedness Presentation (Power Point)Brookline has developed a powerpoint presentation to be used to help citizens prepare in case of emergency.Get
Worcester Emergency Preparedness RegistrationAn online site for City of Worcester residents to registry information in case of an emergency or disaster in the City.Get
Center for Disease Control Power PointCDC Power Point on PandemicGet
ToucanEd Pandemic Fact Sheet ToucanEd Pandemic Fact Sheet Get
ToucanEd Pandemic Power PointToucanEd Pandemic Power PointGet
DPC Emergency Preparedness Discussion Papers
Massachusetts Shelter ListPartial list of Massachusetts SheltersGet
#1. Summary: Preparing for DisastersThis is the first of a series of discussion papers on Emergency Planning and people with disabilities in Massachusetts. The focus will be preparing for natural disasters, responses to terrorism, and to avian flu. 2006Get
#3. Link to Sites for GuidelinesEmergency Preparedness Guidelines for People with Disabilities (links) Get
#4. Chemical SensitivitiesTips for First Responders Get
#5. An Editorial: Naivety UnmaskedBill Allan's introduction to Emergency Preparedness issues. "I know from a very personal perspective some of the effects the “Spanish Flu” had on society. My maternal grandmother died in the 1919 epidemic, leaving my mother and her siblings to trek thouGet
#9. Not to Late Shopping ListNot too late Shopping List - Gifts under $20Get
#10. Mass. not ready for Health EmergenciesMassachusetts Receives 6 out of 10 for Bioterror, Bird Flu, and Health Disaster. December 2006Get
#12. Plymouth, MA CalendarPlymouth Massachusetts emergency services instructions in an annual calendarGet
#13. Shelter Communication Access MCDHH information for shelters on communciation access for deaf and hard of hearing peopleGet
#14. Shelter AnimalsFederal Legislation on shelter animalsGet
#15. CDC Pre-Pandemic GuidanceCDC Pre-Pandemic Guidance for local communitiesGet
#16. Report: Assessing the Impact of KatrinaReport by Research and Training Center on Independent Living (RTCIL) on impact of Hurricane KatrinaGet
#18. Towns Give Run AroundTowns give run around. A Patriot Ledger story on trying to get information on emergency plans.Get
#20. MBTA DrillExperiences and recommendations of a MBTA drill volunteerGet
#21. Personal Preparedness PlanA workbook to help people with disabilities plan for emergenciesGet
#25. Who Lives, Who Dies?The state last year commissioned a special task force at Harvard to take a preliminary look at who will get lifesaving drugs and treatment in a catastrophic pandemic - and who won’t. (2007)Get
#26. A National BlogInformation on a National BlogGet
#27. Lessons Learned Information SharingThe launch of a new resource page Get
#28. Community Survey for EM DirectorsCommunity Survey sent to Emergency Management DirectorsGet
#31. Universal Access Materials from CT Get
#32. Oakland LawsuitOakland sued for lack of involvement of people with disabilitiesGet
#33. Publication on Community IntegrationPublication by The New Institute on Community IntegrationGet
#34. The Statewide Task ForceThe Statewide Task Force recommendations and input instructionsGet
#35. Brookline PresentationTown of Brookline Presentation on Personal PreparednessGet
#36. Shelter Best PracticesA document of best practices for shelter preparation.Get
#39. 2-1-1 New Disaster Information NumberInformation on the disaster information number, 2-1-1Get
Legislative Advocacy Documents

The documents that appear here have been developed by the DPC as part of work by Mary Lou Maloney in doing Legislative Advocacy Training funded by the Masschusetts Developmental Disabilities Council.

Advocacy 101 (DPH)A Power Point on advocacy with highlights of DPH early intervention budget line itemsGet
Legislative Advocacy Guide (Spanish)The Legislative Advocacy Training Guide translated into Spanish.Get
Budget Advocacy 2010Budget Advocacy (Power Point)Get
Citizen AdvocacyA guide to citizen advocacy at the State House (Power Point)Get
Legislative AdvocacyA PowerPoint presentation used as part of a legislative advocacy training program. (Power Point)Get
Budget Advocacy SlidesBudget Advocacy slides (Word Doc)Get
Citizen Advocacy SlidesCitizen Advocacy in legislative process (Word Doc)Get
Legislative Advocacy GuideLegislative Advocacy Training Guide developed for the Massachusetts Developmental Disability Council by Mary Lou Maloney.Get
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