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My Ombudsman Logo

My Ombudsman

My Ombudsman is an independent program that empowers individuals, including their families and caregivers, to access their services provided by MassHealth and its managed care plans.

My Ombudsman:

  • Provides information. My Ombudsman staff members answer questions about MassHealth health plans, including information about specific benefits, member rights, and how to access services.
  • Investigates. My Ombudsman staff members talk to all relevant parties to understand concerns, discuss options, and build solutions.
  • Mediates. My Ombudsman staff members can bring together people who want to solve problems.
  • Discusses options. My Ombudsman can help individuals find and consider options for addressing their concerns.
  • Explains grievance/appeal process. If the member chooses, My Ombudsman staff members can work with members and their plan to try to resolve a concern before filing a grievance or an appeal. While My Ombudsman cannot represent a member in grievance or appeal proceedings, staff members can explain how to file an appeal and what to expect during the appeal process.
  • Makes referrals. My Ombudsman can refer individuals to information and problem resolution resources, including formal grievance and appeal processes and legal services.

To learn more about My Ombudsman, services, and contact information, visit their website: