Disability Policy Consortium

John Winske- Executive Director

John is the Executive Director of the Disability Policy Consortium (DPC), a cross-disability advocacy and research organization based in Boston, Massachusetts. He brings more than thirty years’ experience in building coalitions of people with a wide variety of disabilities to bring about policy change to empower his community. John is the former Executive Director of the Massachusetts Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities. He has more than twelve years’ experience in non-profit management and has served on the Board of Directors of more than a dozen non-profit organizations. As the CEO of non-profits he has built a reputation for developing and acquiring funding for innovative programs designed to empower people with disabilities. His projects have been funded by a variety of organizations and foundations including Patient Centered Outcome Research Institute, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation, Community Catalyst, National Easter Seals Society, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, Department of Transportation, Administering Agency on Developmental Disabilities and the Boston Foundation.

Mr. Winske served as the Vice President of Human Resources and Development with the Boston Center for Independent Living. In addition to his work in the non-profit arena Mr. Winske has also started four businesses. His unique blend of non-profit and for profit experience has allowed him to cross pollinate best practices from both sectors. Mr. Winske has testified before Congress on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Special Education. He has extensive experience in public speaking and conducting training sessions.

Amy M. Kalogeropoulos- Director of Operations

Amy began her employment with the Disability Policy Consortium & One Care Ombudsman Office in April of 2014 as the Administrative Assistant. In a short amount of time Amy proved what an asset she is to the company and was promoted to Director of Operations.

Amy graduated from Assumption College in 2006 with a Bachelor's Degree in Social and Rehabilitation Services in what is now called Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies. The focus of studies provided a strong foundation for work in a variety of health and human service-related fields and organizations providing services to children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Upon graduating from Assumption, she began devoting herself to the Human Service field.

As the Director of Operations, her primary responsibility is ensuring organizational effectiveness by providing leadership for the organization's overall functions and management of the advocates and ombudsmen on staff. Serving as a member of the management team along with the DPC Executive Director, John Winske and OCO Director, Burton Pusch, she contributes to the development and implementation of organizational strategies, policies and practices.

Amy approaches life with an easy-going, open manner, and believes we should all take the time to smile, her favorite quote being, "A smile is a curve that sets everything straight." -Phyllis Diller

Bill Allan- Director of Advocacy

“Bill Allan ... is a strong civil rights advocate and is the former Executive Director for the Disability Policy Consortium. Bill’s unorthodox advocacy ways have enabled the disability community to make positive changes in environments that are slow to transform”. Joe Bellil, Treasurer, DPC

Dennis Heaphy- Healthcare Advocate

Over the last several years, Dennis is been a "leader" in health reform. He has shared his immense knowledge and expertise with consumers and policy makers, whether they want it or not.

Dennis is co-chair of Disability Advocates Advancing our Healthcare Rights (DAAHR), a coalition of disability and other healthcare advocates working on the Dual Eligibles Initiaitive and broader healthcare reform. He serves as chair of the Massachusetts One Care Implementation Council. Prior to working at DPC, Dennis served as Americans with Disabilities Act Project Coordinator for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and consultant. In addition to his work in public health, Dennis’ experience includes teaching English as a Second Language at St. Francis House, serving as a chaplain at Georgetown University and adjunct faculty member at Emmanuel College.

Dennis holds an M. Div, Med and MPH. You might say he likes learning. He is a misanthrope who loves his brothers, but prefers his dog, Vinny, over human beings.

Liz Hardy-Jackson- Event Coordinator

Artist, Trouble Shooter, Project Manager and Event Coordinator.

Liz has been associated with the DPC for ten years. During that time, she coordinated a project called StreetScapes. It reviewed compliance by the City of Boston with the Americans with Disability Act in public construction with emphasis on street and sidewalk construction across all of Boston’s twenty-three neighborhoods. The goal was to ensure that curb cuts and sidewalks are accessible to, functional and safe for use by residents of and visitors. On this project, she worked with the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board and the City of Boston to monitor compliance. The result was a revived Disability Commission, a new Disability Commissioner and $40 million for repair and construction.

Currently, she is the coordinator of the DPC’s Annual Reception and Awards Ceremony.

A personal motto is, “If you want it done, call me.”

Maggie Sheets- Research Assistant & Healthcare Advocate

Maggie has worked at the DPC since July of 2014.

Maggie holds a Master’s Degree in Health Communication from Emerson College.

With the DPC, Maggie has collaborated with other staff to develop surveys and obtain data on experiences of community health workers, plan events such as an anniversary event for the One Care program, and conduct research on housing issues facing people with disabilities.

Recently, Maggie managed all logistics (including site reservations, acting as liaison between focus group sites, participant recruitment, supervising event activities, and transcribing and analyzing proceedings) for five focus groups with MassHealth enrollees. She also continues to conduct outreach to college students with disabilities to encourage them to become more involved in disability advocacy.

Maggie’s personal motto is: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!'-Audrey Hepburn.

Kimberley Warsett- Lead Investigator

Kimberley Warsett began her employment with the Disability Policy Consortium as the Lead Investigator in December of 2014. She came to the Disability Policy Consortium from Consumer Quality Initiatives.

Kimberley holds an MSW in Macro Social Work from Boston University and a B.A. in Feminist Studies from Stanford University.

She has worked on the PCORI Project: Persons with Disabilities Generating Quality Metrics to Inform Integrated Care and also consults on the peer recovery movement. Kimberley has a long history of working for the rights of people with disabilities. Believing in full recovery and the best life possible for every individual, her personal motto is simply "To Life."

One Care Ombudsman Office

Dr. Burton D. Pusch – One Care Ombudsman Director

Burton D. Pusch received his Doctorate in Rehabilitation from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Dr. Pusch’s 25+ year career has focused on ensuring full inclusion, equitable rights, self-determination, and innovative program design for persons with disabilities. He has served on regional, state and national committees; established innovative local and state programs and businesses, including five not-for-profit corporations; consulted for public and private independent living, rehabilitation and health care organizations; conducted research for the CDC; and designed, taught and evaluated curricula, including undergraduate and graduate courses at postsecondary educational institutions.

Scott McManus - Ombudsman

Scott began his employment at the One Care Ombudsman office in July of 2016. Scott has a Bachelor of Science degree from Suffolk University.

Scott has 24 years of Human Service Management experience working primarily with Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.

Scott’s role at the OCO is to assist One Care members who may have questions about their plan or who may want to file a complaint against their plan. Scott serves as a “neutral entity” in problem solving complaints and looks for a resolution satisfactory to both the member and the One Care plan.

Assisting Individuals in living their lives as independent as possible is what motivates Scott to help others.