What We Do

Accessibility Matters! Whether we're talking about the sidewalks of Boston or the State's website, the user-friendliness—and even the safety factor—are priorities for us. 

As a result of the our StreetScapes Project, which revealed that 90% of the ramps did not comply with state codes, Boston has committed $15 million to resurfacing and to complying with the ADA, and has made fixing ramps a priority of Federal stimulus funding. 

Our major report on the accessibility of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ web sites was a catalyst for state officials to insure that accessibility is a key goal of state agencies when putting documents on the web. This has resulted in text documents accompanying PDF documents. 

The DPC responded to complaints of conditions in the State House (the “People’s Building”) that didn’t work for people in wheelchairs, blind folks and those who are deaf and hard of hearing. Today, there is an annual appropriation that supports accessibility and a staff person committed to making everything in your building accessible.